The Four Things Your Employees Need

why you hate work by the energy project

During a brainstorm session a colleague pulled out this article when discussing employee engagement. Part of the Sunday Review Opinion section of the NY Times, you can read the full article here, and I highly recommend you do so.

The Energy Project, an engagement consulting group, partnered with Harvard Business Review last fall to give surveys to about 12,000 employees to learn more about why only 30% of employees feel engaged at work. From the article, there are four core needs of employees:

Renewal – recharge and take breaks, best when managers recommend taking breaks

Value – employees need to feel like their supervisors appreciate and value them and their work

Focus – difficult in the open-office plans of today, employees need to be able to prioritize their activities and focus on those most important fully

Purpose – employees need to believe in the work they do

The Energy Project partners with companies to invest in their employees and these four core needs. It’s shown that companies focusing on these see better productivity, performance and profit, yet most wait until there is high turnover or unrest.

By making sure your company invests the time in Renewal, Value, Focus and Purpose you could ultimately be enjoying yourself more (while increasing productivity!)


Credits: @iconmonstr

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