Why Do We Hate Work? Here are 17 Options Why.

more reasons why you hate work

I was running through my feedly and stumbled upon a Business Insider article that offered even more reasons why you hate work. On Quora, the question was asked “Why do so many people hate their jobs?”, with 317 responses as of this morning, Business Insider pulled out their favorite 17, and what’s funny is that some of them relate to things I’ve already mentioned, and some of them relate to things I plan on writing about soon:

  1. You picked a conservative career when you were young and never switched jobs – everybody loves jeans and flip flops
  2. You are influenced by extrinsic motivation – Daniel Pink’s Drive covers Type X (extrinsic) and Type I (intrinsic) people and their motivation
  3. You feel like you are working for the wrong reasons
  4. You are not living up to your potential
  5. You feel like your job lacks meaningThe Energy Project’s idea of Purpose
  6. You feel obligated to work
  7. You don’t feel in control – Drive covers the concept of autonomy and the need for it in the workplace
  8. You work too much
  9. You procrastinate on the important things
  10. Your job lacks stability
  11. You place a heavy emphasis on work
  12. You live too far or too close to your job
  13. You don’t like your bossManagers make a difference
  14. You don’t use your non-work hours effectively
  15. You have higher standards
  16. You have the wrong mindset
  17. You don’t have perspective

More to come per usual, but I do really enjoys lists.


Credits: @iconmonstr

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