Looking for More Mental Space? Here are 7 Quick Tricks to Find Some!


Continuing along the thread of meditation, mindfulness and “Me” time, there was a great article on Inc about finding mental space.

  1. Schedule meetings for 45 minutes instead of one hour to build in time to synthesize your thoughts in-between meetings, and don’t forget to find out what the purpose of the meeting is.
  2. Create a recurring, weekly meeting with yourself, to reflect on your thoughts about yourself, your team and your goals. You can also try writing down at the end of each day what you accomplished. It’s shown to boost productivity and can help you stay focused at work and prepare for your reviews.
  3. Try a silent commute once a week to give your brain some time to think and debrief.
  4. Take a walk.  In the morning to prepare for your day; after lunch to get fresh air and re-energize; in the evening to unwind and reflect on your day.
  5. Disconnect from all forms of technology for one hour a week to get back in touch with things and people who are right in front of you. (i.e., experience real life vs. virtual life)
  6. Practice mindfulness by truly focusing on what you’re doing, the sounds, feeling, motions, etc.
  7. Do nothing for two minutes to give your brain a break

It’s nice to take a break.


Credits: Meditation designed by Matt Brooks from the Noun Project, @iconmonstr

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