Find the Secret to Better Engaged Customers

employee engagement

Guys, I’m still on this crazy Gallup kick. It’s been really wonderful reading a report that has fantastic data and ideas to help focus my search for ways to be happier at work.

When I first started out, I wanted to make sure that focusing on employees’ happiness, wellbeing and engagement encouraged business results as well, and everything Gallup tells me, is that it does:

When organizations successfully engage their customers and their employees, they experience a 240% boost in performance-related business outcomes compared with an organization with neither engaged employees nor engaged customers.

Holy smokes. 240% increase? I think we can agree that 240% is pretty good. So how do we engage for the customer experience?

Recognize that every employee plays a key role – it’s not just sales team, it’s also administration, I/T and everyone else in the organization. All of your employees help your customers in their own way. Take time to understand how the work they do connects ultimately to the customer. Make sure everyone knows how their role impacts customers, even if they aren’t customer-facing.

Build your brand – make sure your company’s core elements are clear in the workplace. Learn how to communicate as your company’s brand identity, and build on your purpose. Ask your company for feedback and ways to improve the brand and its communication.

Share your brand – make it simple to understand your company’s brand purpose and identity. Create wallet cards that outline what your brand stands for. Set up quick meetings to share information around the brand and check-in, making sure employees understand what your brand stands for.

Build brand ambassadors – you love your company, but it’s good to make sure not only your sales team, but everyone loves your company and knows what it stands for. That way, they’re still an ambassador outside of work, on the weekends, at a networking event. Make sure your employees:

  • Know what your company stands for and what makes you different than your competitors
  • Understand your company’s brand promise and are able to explain the most important elements of the brand identity to others
  • Are empowered to deliver on the brand promise

By focusing on your company’s brand, and making sure everyone can speak to it, they’re already more engaged in the work that you do and can believe in it and speak to it. Or, you could always try opening your financial books, too.  It can be super effective.


Credits: @iconmonstr



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