Getting your Brag Bag Ready for Review Time

brag bag

If all goes well, and your company encourages check-ins, you just may have an annual or biannual review. These reviews can frequently feel informal, rushed or “not that important.” However, you can use this as an opportunity to not only get comfortable with tooting your own horn, but grab more responsibility along the way.

  1. Write down your “to-done’s” everyday – at the end of your day, write down what you accomplished. Not only will it encourage productivity, it will start to give focus to your daily work.
  2. Keep track of goals – when you see someone doing something you want to do, or work that you think would help advance your career, make a note of it, it will help make the review process helpful.
  3. Make a “Brag Bag” – you know when you want to high-five yourself for a job well done? Keep a folder on your desktop to keep track of it. Add emails, project details and other documents that help showcase your talents.
  4. Talk it out – you may be comfortable with your boss, but it’s still good to talk through your goals with other coworkers, family and friends. They’ll help you focus areas that you’re interested in, and may even add some you weren’t.
  5. Google it – the best managers say they’re preparing you for your next role. Take it to heart, and look at other roles and companies; how does your current skill set compare? What do you need to learn now to be better tomorrow?

By coming to this meeting prepared, not only will it help you talk about your own successes, but assist your path within the company. Also, a little hidden tip is to pay it forward: when someone you work with does a great job, be sure to tell their manager just how great they are. This not only will help an employee get recognized, but support a positive work culture.


Credits: Make a Friend designed by Matt Brooks from the Noun Project, @iconmonstr


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