The New Manager Conundrum

the new manager conundrum

During Book Club this week, yes, I’m just that nerdy, we got into the conversation about the New Manager Conundrum. I wanted to share some of the conversation that occurred here, without any article back-up, just personal experiences. The members of my book club have all experienced some changeover in management (some of us up to five times at the same job!) and have some strong opinions as to what makes the process smoothest. In other news, we read Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and it was great.

  1. Mean business – you were hired for a reason, so let the team know why, and come in hungry
  2. Listen 2.5x more – the team knows that you have done a lot of things, that’s why you got hired! However, when you join a new company and team, some of the people there have the historical knowledge that will help you not only fully understand the landscape, but also assist you in navigating to push your own agenda. Also, it gives people on the team an opportunity to speak with you, and explain more about their own background and current efforts towards change.
  3. Learn about your team – in periods of change, there can be mass exoduses. Use time with your team to reset and learn about their passions and what they want out of their career. It may assist you in deciding how you’d like the team to function overall.
  4. Prove it – a lot of talk, is just that. It’s talk. It’s best to come in hard, learn from everyone and then just DO. Showing your team that you mean business and you can back it up will show that they believe in you.
  5. Be honest – this is the best recommendation that came up. People are new, and need to be honest about where they’re coming from and what they’re planning for. If you don’t have an answer always, that’s ok, don’t make it up. If you do, tell the team. If your team understands your plan and needs fully, they’ll start to be able to push your agenda as well in their own ways.

Hope this helps.


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