Ask These Questions Before Signing on the Dotted Line

ask these questions before signing on the dotted line-2

So you got into the final rounds of that interview. Congratulations! It’s an exciting, overwhelming time when you’re interviewing and entertaining offers. Being the popular gal at the party can feel pretty great, but before you sign on the dotted line, Business Insider has some ideas of what you should be asking to be sure this is the right place for you.

  1. Does this employer or job align with my values? If not, you may want to think again. Or, decide if the economic benefits outweigh the need to be passionately happy in your job.
  2. Is this the right kind of culture for me? We talked about that earlier, this nebulous “culture”, but you should start asking about it in your interviews. Ask about how people work together, is there trust, what happens when things go wrong?
  3. What’s the word on the street about this company? Check glassdoor, employees you know, friends of friends, friends that work for competing companies. People talk about their work, and by listening carefully you’ll pick up interesting bits and pieces.
  4. Will this let me use my best skills? You should think about how much of your day will be filled with the work you like to do, and how much will be the work that you may be good at, but isn’t quite right for you. Each new job is an opportunity to hone your favorite skills.
  5. Does this company support my long-term goals? This depends on how long you plan on being there. If you want to be there a while, find out how long others stay, and how the company encourages people to succeed within the ranks.
  6. How much autonomy will I have? This is a huge one, as I’ve been reading about how people need time to work in their “flow” in order to be happy.
  7. Will I like my new boss? If you haven’t met them through the interview process, that’s a problem. Ask to meet with their other direct reports or people they work with daily so you can ask what their management style is right from the source.
  8. What’s the physical environment? Can you hear a pin drop, or is it so bustling you can’t think straight? Either way, figure out what work environment works best for you.
  9. How will this role affect my personal life? Long hours, crazy demands, people who like to party on the weekends. Find out the work style, and make sure it works with your style.
  10. How’s the commute? Living in NYC the commute just comes with the territory, but if you’re a driving person, make sure the distance won’t drive you crazy. And consider books on tape.
  11. How is this job different than my last job? No job is perfect, and you’ll find things you don’t like about this place, too. But, it should be a fix on the things that pushed you to look for a new job.
  12. Trust your gut. Your gut is pretty smart. If you’re feeling YES YES YES, take it! If there’s something giving you pause, sleep on it for a few days, or meet with more people.

Happy hunting!


Credits: Make a Friend designed by Matt Brooks from the Noun Project

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