The Three Key Factors in Employee Engagement

Passion to engage at work-2

From the Gallup study I wrote a few articles about employee engagement and just how important it is. Guess what? Still important, still a problem. covered in an article how Dale Carnegie came out with “Engaging Employees: What Drives Employee Engagement and Why It Matters”. The headline gets right to heart of it, that “United States businesses lose $11 billion annually as a result of employee turnover according to the Bureau of National Affairs.”

Employee engagement up to now was an HR-issue, but as there is more research on the topic, companies are realizing it impacts the bottom line and are starting to make changes. So, as a company, now what? Dale Carnegie paired with MSW research, interviewed 1,500 participants and found that there are three main areas companies should be focusing on.

  • Relationship with immediate supervisor – bosses matter, they’re the first contact with the company an employee has
  • Belief in senior leadership – if an employee doesn’t believe in the forces above, it’s hard to get on board with any of their thinking
  • Pride in working for the company – back to purpose and passion, we need to believe in what we’re doing each day


We’ve been hearing about these areas a lot through what I’m reading, but, it’s good to remind ourselves just how important they are to engagement. People make or break a company and its culture. If people keep leaving, it’s important for the company to look at their turnover and make some decisions around how they would like to adapt. reminds us that as individuals, we also have choices:

  1. Accept what you’ve been given
  2. Change what you’ve been given
  3. Leave what you’ve been given

It’s up to you!


Juan Pablo Bravo from the Noun Project

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