A Night Out: Live in the Grey and Elevate Gen Y

A Night Out Live in the Grey and Elevate Gen Y

Hi hi! So this week, I hit up a co-hosted event by Live in the Grey & Elevate Gen Y at WeWork. The event was called “Ignite Your Dream Career” and was focused towards women. She-ra! Sometimes when I’m feeling a little uninspired, going to an event like this can have a couple effects on me:

  1. Makes me feel really horribly about my current state
  2. Makes me feel very jealous about others’ current state
  3. Gets me excited about my possible future state
  4. Reminds me that my future state is partially under my control
  5. Reminds me that I should probably dress-up more often

The speakers were awesome, and unlike some other events I’ve been to, I did not feel like I was attending an interview where they each listed off all their wonderful qualities while glossing over any of the lesser-positive details. Instead, these women were engaging, entertaining and told their stories with a healthy dose of honesty and self-awareness.

Loren Brill, the creator of Sweet Loren’s talked about her journey from baking-lover to contest winner to Whole Food supplier.
Tama Kieves, spoke about going from on-track-to-partner lawyer to learning to listen to her inner voice and writing a best-selling book, This Time I Dance.
Miki Agrawal, was a whirlwind speaking about writing Do Cool Shit, creating WILD and launching THINX. I’m not quite sure when she sleeps.

One of my favorite takeaways from the event was Miki’s 5 Things:

  1. You’re as good as the five closest friends you keep – really, ensure you’re surrounding yourself with people who affect your life in a positive way
  2. Master a skill – if you’re at work for 40 hours, may as well give it your all
  3. Solve a real problem – If you see something in the world that sucks, see it as an opportunity to fix it
  4. Purpose is your best motivation – It’s okay to not know your Purpose just find what you love, and do that (and keep trying)
  5. Always lead with how can I help you – this reminded me of Sheryl Sandberg’s book, when she speaks about people asking for help versus asking to help

And I’ll leave you with this – next time you want to pick someone’s brain, check out popexpert! Live in the Grey, Elevate Gen Y and Tama Kieves all have more upcoming events, so check them out!


Credits: Presentation designed by Ryan Dell from the Noun Project

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