10 Tips for a Happier Monday

10 Tips for a Happier Monday

Hi There! It’s Monday, and it certainly feels like Monday. Getting excited for the long weekend and a vacation-filled September can result in quite a “Case of the Mondays” (Thanks, Officespace.) In order to give us a little kick to a good week, here are some tips for an awesome Monday!

  1. Workout! – sure, an early Monday morning workout may be the last thing you want to do when that alarm goes off, but getting up early has some great benefits. Not only does it get your body moving, it also gives your brain some time to get ready for the week. Consider it an early morning check-in.
  2. Treat yoself – maybe it’s an iced coffee and a croissant (I did that today!) or it’s a long breakfast at home, either way, give yourself a little pick-me-up to say, “hey, Monday isn’t all bad.”
  3. Cancel the early morning meeting – sure, you want to get started bright and early. But by using the first hour of your day to get back into the email grind, you’re giving yourself quite the gift. Seriously, early Monday morning meetings are the worst.
  4. Take a break – yeah, I know, you just started the week, but, it’s kind of nice to get up and take a walk around the block throughout the day.
  5. Lunch – eat it. It’s good for you. Also, try eating it not at your desk!
  6. To-Do List – write yours up, give yourself some deadlines, and realize that you can’t take care of everything on a Monday.
  7. Make plans – having something to do after work (even if it’s cooking something delicious) can make the rest of the day (and week) feel pretty awesome.
  8. Catch up with coworkers – find out what everyone did this past weekend to connect with your coworkers and get some great ideas for next weekend.
  9. Check-in with your supervisor – make sure you’re starting the week on the right foot by ensuring you and your supervisor have the same plans for your workload this week.
  10. Review last week – your company may not work within agile methodologies with a retrospective after each two-week sprint, but you can. Take a hard look at the work you did last week, and think about what could be improved. By reviewing last week, and considering how you can improve, you’ll be setting yourself up for a better week than last week.

Good luck on your Monday!

Credits: Stretch designed by Claire Jones from the Noun Project, @iconmonstr 

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