Improve Yourself by Sourcing Effective Feedback

Improve by Nabbing Effective Feedback

For a company or manager, feedback can be one of your best tools to encourage strong employee engagement. (Personal feedback is essential as well, but today, I’m just focusing on company/manager feedback.)

By getting feedback often, you’re offering your colleagues to keep you informed of any negative behavior, and give you ample time to make changes. Here are some tips below for obtaining productive feedback:

  1. Ask for it. Often. – Feedback is frequently overlooked as a valuable tool, but by making feedback a consistent aspect of your time, you’ll get constant great ideas from your employees.
  2. Make Anytime Feedback Time – by having an open-door to new ideas or issues within the company, your employees will realize that you’re interested in hearing their feedback. Try having weekly office hours, or 1x1s with individuals.
  3. Focus on process, not people – Ask questions about the company, processes and items that can be controlled. Steer clear of personality questions.
  4. Follow-up and make good on your promises – It’s important to follow-up with your employees. That way, they’ll know you take their feedback seriously. By making good on your promises, they’ll know you also take action on their feedback. Both of these items will result in them sharing more often.
  5. Make it comfortable – You want to hear from everyone, so start to take notice of who speaks when. People may need to meet 1×1, small groups, or go completely anonymously to deliver straightforward, honest feedback. Make it clear that you’re interested in what they have to say, and value their opinions. Avoid challenging their issues, but rather, challenge them to offer solutions.

Here are some great sample questions to get the conversations flowing:

  • Why do you work for this company? Why do you stay?
  • In your current role do you feel that you make a difference?
  • Does your supervisor provide on-going feedback?
  • How have we thanked you for your service in the past six months?
  • Do we support you in your professional development? How does this line up with your personal development?
  • What’s the one thing you desire to see improved within our organization? How would you fix it?
  • If you were in my shoes and could make all the decisions, what would you do and why?
  • Who is our number-one competitor in our industry?
  • What are people saying about our company?
  • Do you know what our mission and core beliefs are?
  • How do you and your team typically receive company-wide information?
  • Did you have the tools and resources you needed to effectively do your job?
  • Would you recommend this as a great place for a friend to work?

Happy feedback-hunting!



Credits: themuse, entrepreneur, entrepreneur2, betterworks, Chat designed by Alberto Guerra Quintanilla from the Noun Project


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