Stressed? Try These 11 Tips Right Now!

Stress Tips

Stress is bad. For real. It causes all kinds of psychological issues like anxiety and low motivation. Women and millennials are feeling the heat the most according to American Psychological Association’s annual Stress in America survey taken from a Business Insider article. Also, Millenials are the worst at finding smart and healthy coping methods. Instead they’re smoking, drinking, napping, watching tv and other general veg-life actions, rather than taking care of themselves.

Now that we’re agreed that stress is really horrible, here are some tips to combat stress:

  • Slow down! I know, we were just talking about this, but it’s really helpful to take a minute and step back.
  • Breathe. Breathing brings in more oxygen to the brain and can lower your heart rate and generally make you feel great. A fun exercise here.
  • Meditate. I’m still really digging Headspace if you’re looking for a guided start
  • Move. Hit the gym, pump some iron, do some yoga.
  • Eat well. Good food will help you get some good stuff in your body.
  • Connect. Talk to friends, family or a therapist to make sure you’re finding a safe space to talk about your emotions.
  • Write/Reflect. Writing helps you reflect and get your thoughts onto paper and organize your own actions.
  • Take Responsibility. When the stress is occurring at work, it helps to think about your actions and be honest with yourself and others about how you can improve.
  • Make Time. Set aside time for yourself each day, to just have you-time.
  • Break it up. Take breaks! They’re so good for you. Sitting at a computer screen can be torture, so try to get up a couple times a day.
  • Be Grateful. Your worst day is better than a lot of people’s best days. Putting things into perspective and thank yourself for what you’ve accomplished. It could be as simple as washing the dishes. Or having a conversation with a friend.

Stress can do crazy things to us. But, one last approach is to make stress work for you. Check out this TED Talk for reasons why:

Here’s to less stress! Cheers.






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