What to Say Instead of “I’m So Busy!”

I absolutely love this article for the NYTimes Opinionator by Tim Kreider about the Busy Trap. It highlights that our answer to how we’re doing is how busy we are – even children. Tim has a great outlook on introducing a bit more play, removing unnecessary distractions and finding space for himself.

Something that I try to do when people ask me how I am? Rather than lament how busy and overwhelmed I am, I do two things:

  1. Be honest with them (and myself) about how much I may have taken on myself. Most times that busy trap is something I’ve done to myself, and it’s important to remember that!
  2. Focus on all my accomplishments in the past week. It’s more enjoyable to list off my accolades and wins (and, bonus, share a little bit more with friends) than to simply share just how busy I am.

Try it! You’d be shocked how much more fun your week looks when you aren’t just saying you’re busy.

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