Meeting Madness and How to Combat it


The image above cracks me up every time. I saw it once while attending an eight-hour workshop in a client space, so I thought I’d share out one approach from an Inc article on reducing meetings:

Limit meetings to six people. If there are more than six people in your meeting it’s lost efficacy – some members will be multi-tasking and less engaged in the conversation. Keeping the group small and focused allows everyone to have a voice and opinion on the subject matter at hand. In my day-job, my schedule is run on meetings, and one of my favorite things to do is have one representative from each discipline, and then send a capture email afterwards. That way, any additional team members will have all of the information discussed, and they can reach out to their team lead with questions that require additional conversation.

Limiting meeting size quickly will reduce the number of meetings everyone must attend and keep your meetings more focused. Try it out!



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