A Guide to Crafting Your Personal Purpose Journey

Now that your company found some purpose (that was fast!), I wanted to write about personal purpose. There’s a lot of information around “finding your purpose”. Seriously, google it. You will become overwhelmed.

What I’ve been loving though, is this post on The Impact Trap, as it’s making this experience feel more human and flow-y. Overall, finding your purpose has to be a journey. Your purpose is going to look different from when you were 22 to when you’re 50. It just simply is going to be a different experience. There’ll be “oops” moments, and “eureka!” moments, and that’s all okay too.

The general flow though, is an understanding that in order to find general fulfilment, you have to look at your everyday life and think about your future all while considering what you’ve learned from the past. A job that you may take today may be completely different than what you would have considered years ago, but right now, it could be the right step for you. As long as your movement is always to increase your own sense of fulfilment, then you’re doing great stuff. Our job each day isn’t going to wow us, and it’s up to us to find and create our own challenges and moments of reward. You won’t always have the best boss, but you can for sure learn from the worst of them.

There are some tips to help you find your purpose, but before you do, realize that you’re already living your life, and that’s purpose right there. So, you may not need to quit your day job and become a surgeon or actress. It’s more to give yourself moments to reflect on what’s working, and what isn’t, and quietly finding ways to build more of the “what’s working” side of things into your everyday life.

Some Ideas to Get the Juices Flowing:

  • Write down your skills – write down what you’re good at. Reference it often, update as necessary. Star the items that you actually enjoy doing
  • Write down your values – consider what is important to you when you’re working. Do you have to agree with the product, the company mission, or enjoy the people you work with? Do you like working in teams or do you like working remotely?
  • What makes you forget to eat – what kinds of things let you get into a flow at work, or at home. Maybe you can start stamping out a line of code and forget what time it is. Maybe you research topics and discover it’s after work hours. Maybe you wake up in the middle of the night with an idea for your next blog post (I do!)
  • What can you live with – no job is perfect. No role is perfect and there are hiccups everywhere. So, start thinking about what are the things you can handle. It could be that you don’t mind working long hours, or making a little less money or working for a company that doesn’t have any street cred.
  • What makes you proud – think about what you want people to say about you. When they refer to the type of work that you do or the company that you work for, thinking about how you want that information shared will help you organize your thoughts around what would make you happy. It’s not about comparing yourself to others, but rather, thinking about what makes you feel invincible!
  • Try it – try things out, journey outside your comfort zone, take a risk. Try attending a class or a workshop, join an online course, consider reading a new book. Meet with someone who does that kind of work and ask them what makes them happy (or unhappy).

After taking some steps above, it could help you shed some light on things that bring you strong purpose, passion or intrinsic motivation. My biggest takeaway (and it feels like some serious motivational speak here) is to realize that it’s okay to journey in different ways, try things out, and learn from each experience as you shape your personal purpose journey. G’luck!




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