Get Sh*t Done

Productivity can be difficult when there are puppies, facebook and sports scores to check. I mean, obviously my focus is on puppies, and that already takes up a lot my brain space.

When we’re trying to be more productive, there are tons of tips. Here are some main ones:

  1. Make your face-to-face time valuable. Try slicing your meeting length and making it about having a final goal. Focus on the outcome, and what everyone is trying to obtain. Start on time and end on time. After the meeting send out notes to confirm what was discussed for anyone who was unable to join, may need to reference the notes or for those latecomers.
  2. Set up breaks & schedule me-time. It’s important to step away from your desk and allow your brain to marinate. It can also give you the time to schedule the rest of your day and analyze exactly what you need to do.
  3. Consolidate. Consolidate your notes, your applications, your notifications. Buzzes and pop-ups everywhere is distracting! Consider Basecamp or Action Method or another site to allow your team to work seamlessly together. Google Docs, Dropbox, etc. Anything that will help your team stay streamlined.
  4. Make your to-do list actionable. By thinking in implementation terms, you can create your own “Next Steps” list for yourself.

And if you’re a manager, there’s a lot you can do, too:

  1. Deliver clear, concise and consistent communication around your team’s task and make yourself available for any questions or follow-ups.
  2. Work with your team to create a plan and course of action. Allow them to steer the conversation and provide an approach, while you offer recommendations that will make you feel okay with the work flow.
  3. And then… stop micromanaging. Seriously. People need to feel they have autonomy and responsibility for their own work. If your team feels that you can swoop in at any moment to “fix” things, the team will start to walk away from challenges, and instead wait for you.
  4. Lead by example. Don’t be late to meetings, and deliver items on time. Don’t overbook yourself.

Good luck!


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