Some Simple To-Do’s When You’re Not Loving Your Job

So a previous post was about how to go to work when you are just simply not having it. I get you. It’s hard. It’s really very hard. It makes many mornings feel like you’re about to explode with sadness and Sunday evenings be a slow demise. So, let’s take a deeper dive into your job. True motivation really comes from within, intrinsically, I mean, so it’s possible that some of your job disengagement is stemming from needing a quick reboot.

  • What can you change? When you’re feeling not so happy on a daily basis, take a quick run-down of what’s in your control, and grab a hold of it. Set up meetings, coffees, and come prepared with a plan.
  • Vent. But keep it small, and consider who you’re talking to. It’s possible you may want to lay your five minutes on your significant other each evening, but it won’t go over well. Instead, spread around the sad-train, but keep it short, to the point, and offer ideas while really listening to the feedback. If you don’t want advice, make it clear, but, everyone could use a second opinion.
  • Speak up (to your boss). It’s one thing to be the grumpy gus, but if you can propose solutions and actively listen to the feedback, you can make some changes. And, you can be real with your boss about how you’re feeling and find some middle ground.
  • Recognize the good. You can’t change everything, and as much as you may hate everything right now. Take a moment to identify what makes you happy there. It could be the people, the snacks, the hours, maybe the fact that when you tell someone new your job they say “oo.” By doing a quick reminder of what you do in fact like, you may be feeling a bit more positive.
  • Learn. Everything can be a learning experience. It’s possible a lot of what you don’t like is out of your control, but some may be based on skill sets that you need to develop. Use your time at your job to take a hard look inward at what you could improve upon. Maybe it’s email communication, water-cooler socializing, internal politics or self-promotion. No matter what it is, there’s something to learn.
  • Keep checking in. By really giving yourself a jump-start to try to love your job more, you’re invigorating all your good vibe energy. That’s fantastic! As that’s happening, continue to connect with yourself, and see how these changes align with your general well-being. If after making some changes you’re still feeling pretty crappy on Sunday’s thinking about the work week ahead… you just may want to make a change.



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