Updating Your Resume? A Guide to Get Started.

I said I’d give more about resume tips, and I’ve snagged quite a few websites that can help you get started, but, I’ve also outlined a few of my favorite tips and tricks to get started.

Borrow from the Best – Scour the internet using keywords of the types of roles you’re looking for and see how they’ve organized their resume. Focus on what makes you excited in a resume when you look at them too.

Review the Goods – While you’re seeking resumes, take another hard look at your own skillset. What do you want to highlight? Sometimes we seek to highlight what’s most sought after at our current role, but, if you’re looking to make a slight transition, think about it in terms of your hiring manager. Sure, you may be incredible at putting together proposals, but, if you’re hoping to move closer to content generation rather than proposals, highlight the success you’ve had in those areas more heavily.

Don’t Fear Double Effort – In the world of job hunting, job titles and roles can mean different things to different people or companies. Feel free to create more than one resume that helps you target different aspects of your role. If you’re thinking about consulting roles, focus on how your client relationships on that resume. But for the resumes that are going to in-house companies, you might want to think about the team coaching you’ve done more.

Get Tight on the Story – The resume is something that folks scan, and, they’re usually looking for the exact title they want, exact role description or industry experience. You may find that if you’re trying to move into something slightly new, you may have a hard time getting in the door. However! Don’t let that stop you from making sure the content of your resume is clear, simple and highlights metric-related accomplishments. Even if you’re in a creative field, highlighting if you’ve worked on global versus national programs, or, if you’ve managed to run a large budget – get ready to brag those up!

Find Ways to Bring the “YOU” In – Don’t be afraid to add details that make your resume feel more like you. Have fun selecting fonts, colors, thinking about how you lay out the page. Or, you can even think about new ways to put together your resume – use a website instead! Develop a paper airplane that can fly into the hiring managers room! Create an elaborate board game that the winner gets to hire you! If you’re feeling like the resume is holding you back, don’t forget about the opportunity to write cover letters to help share your expertise and your excitement.

And, an aggregation of some links you should check out for resume support:


It’s possible I’ll write more about this in the future, but I figured you could start with some experts!

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