The Four Steps to Leaving Your Job (Smoothly)

You got the job! Woo! Congratulations! Well done. In this scenario, it feels like it only took moments, right? I’m kidding. But, when you leave a company for a new role, there are some great steps you can take to ensure you’re leaving your team in good standing:

  • Give time. Let your manager as soon as you’ve signed on the dotted line that you’re leaving. Come prepared with a proposal for how to divide and conquer your work while they plan to hire, and begin creating hand-off documents.
  • Transition smoothly. No one wants phone calls from an old employer asking where some file is. So, make it easy for them and get everything backed up on your server, all contact information shared and updates on every project you have running. Leave things in good standing.
  • Thank everyone. The people you worked with were fantastic, except for Jim. Take the time to thank them for their support, awesomeness and fun times. Focus on where you grew and who you learned from. Including Jim. He probably taught you many things.
  • Be honest. Tactfully tell the HR department on your exit interview your pain points, and any solutions for future employees. Stay positive and upbeat, especially with this boomerang mentality that’s been increasing.

Leaving a job is a weird thing, especially when you’ve built really strong personal relationships with your coworkers. Be careful to remain supportive, and try not to vent too much on your previous employer – your coworkers who are still there are on their own path, and will reach out when they’re ready.

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