Three Ways to Improve your Team

On a daily basis, you’re probably working with a team, unless you’re fancy freelancer or nighttime ninja. Teamwork is an important part of any company, and in order to avoid a strong flashback to the days of school group projects where one person ran the entire show because they cared about their grade, here are some quick tips on how we can build a really strong work environment:

  1. Trust & Transparency – in order to know that everyone is ready to make this group project work, you have to own up a bit. By encouraging honesty and transparency in the group, you’re creating a safe space for the team to be truthful about the work and obstacles they’re facing, and overall, allow for better progress.
  2. Accountability & Collaboration – to make a team a team, you have to identify responsibilities and accountability for the task at hand, but still leave room for collaboration. When we focus only on who does what we enter the danger zone of not only people avoiding owning up, but also avoiding sharing information. And great ideas can come from surprising places.
  3. Leave the Ego, Embrace the “We” – remember that working in a group means just that, you’re a group, a team, a whole of parts. To encourage everyone to do their best work, be sure to use group language when presenting, pointing out if someone specific had that great idea and getting rid of your emotions. You may have the highest title, but you cannot do all the work to finish something, so realize that you have to roll-up your sleeves and get in the group mindset.


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