Work/Life/Passion Balance

I had a fruitful discussion about the need for purpose in your career. It’s been a big push among 20 – 30 year olds, to find a job that delivers purpose on a daily basis. Purpose is a nebulous phrase that many people are chasing.

But work is work. There are always going to be elements you don’t like, whether it be the commute, Jim or vacation days. Any way you slice it there are going to be parts of your job you don’t like.

As you age, purpose can change, pending your relationship, friends, family and new motivations. I’ve written about allowing purpose and motivation to be a fluid thing. But maybe we should start thinking about our jobs as being an aggregator and nurser of skills, while leaving space outside of work to nurture you purpose.

So what does that mean? It means you may be looking not for a work/life balance, or a new career path. It may mean that as you seek balance, you could be looking for balance between work, life and passion. For example, if you pretty much enjoy your daily career of accounting, but outside of work you’re a budding ceramicist, you don’t have to quit quite yet and buy a kiln. Instead, you can think about making sure you have enough time to spin that wheel a couple times a week.

Food for thought!


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