Finding Your Passion: Four Ways How

After writing about work-life-passion balance, I wanted to do a slightly deeper dive into passion overall. I’m a firm believer in finding passion during the workday or on the weekends – either works, as long as you’re feeling good about each day. BUT, there are certainly some benefits to finding more passion during your workday.

The numbers are in, and very few people are passionate right now about work. It’s less about employee engagement, and more about truly caring about what you do. It’s a problem at the junior and senior level, in small and large companies – startup or corporate. So, anywhere you look, there can be a lack of passion.

So… we get it, we know it’s a big deal, but how do we increase passion? How do you use your company and role as an avenue to succeed in what’s important to you as an individual? Here are some tips!

  1. Collaborate – by working with other people on other teams, not only do you get to harness some serious coworking skills, but you also get to learn about the other areas of your company. Can’t do that with your current position? Consider joining or creating a culture club, book club, or even a bi-monthly dinner club. These can be low impact ways to meet and learn from other people you work with.
  2. Network – attend some industry-related events. They could be readouts on the newest features, meetups, or a cocktail hour nearby. If your industry has bigger conferences, try working with your company to foot the bill. This can help bring new blood to your company, or it can introduce you to some thought leaders who can inspire your journey.
  3. Outside the Box – get a side gig. Not only will it help you bring some ideas to the workplace, but, you’ll get to meet people who do different things than you, and it might spur more passion. Or, ideas about what you’d like to do at a new company, or your company. For example, if you’re working in marketing but have been thinking development could be cool, try taking a class or attending a workshop. Not only will you gain lots of skills, but you’ll also get to test something out before committing to it full time.
  4. Remove Blockers – a lot of dispassionate feelings come from feeling road blocks in your daily role. Rather than spending your time complaining about them, talk to your coworkers and manager about how you could remove those blockers. By working cross-functionally you can learn so much, but also, get rid of some red tape that’s been driving you crazy. If what you hear is “we’ve always done it this way,” consider it a challenge to show them just how much better the company could be with some positive changes!

Granted, all these ideas for increasing passion at work may not be right for you if you’re not loving your job or role, but they certainly can be helpful to reengage in the work you normally like to do!


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