7 Tricks to Finding Out What You’re Good At

Passion, purpose, engagement. They’re all hot topics on how the workplace could be enhanced for the better and higher productivity. The “do what you love” mentality is sweeping the interwebs, and although you may not want to quit your job and be a professional baby goat petter, it’s still good to take some time and figure out how to shift your current role, or find a new one that more closely aligns with your talents.

Now, it may not be smart to have your job be your passion be your life. A lot of times you won’t really understand what you’re passionate about until you try it. Grass is greener is a real thing, and it can be incredibly helpful to try things and build up your skills.

  1. Think Skills. Try writing down everything you’re good at, everything you enjoy doing and anything that gives you a sense of purpose. Take a look at any themes.
  2. Think Flow. What activities make you forget to pee and eat? Write those down. See if there are general themes.
  3. Think Pride. What are the things you do that make you excited to tell people about them, all modesty aside. If you could shout it from the rooftops without anyone making you feel bashful, what would you shout?
  4. Think Reflection. Try meditation, writing down your thoughts and having you-time. All of this space to think allows you to focus on your skills that are most important.
  5. Think Application. Instead of focusing on a career title, think about the skills that are important to you, and what you’d like to develop further. It can extend to the types of companies that bring you joy. Use this as a lense to consider a career shift.
  6. Think Comparison. What kinds of things are people doing that make you a little green. I’m not saying you can become the next rock star, but think about people in your social circle and facebook feed. What are they doing that makes you feel a little jealous. A little bit of that jealousy could be stemming from a desire to try something similar.
  7. Think Young/Fun. What did you love doing as a child? Try that out. Maybe instead of worrying about bringing more skills into the workplace you should take up a painting class to exercise some passion for life!

Honestly, writing stuff down can always help. I’m a firm believer in starting a journal entry with “I want…” or “I enjoy…” and just freestylin.

Good luck!


    • celiegold said:

      Thanks for the reblog! Good luck on your journey – love that you’re documenting it!

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