Breaking Down What We Need to Work (Well)

My friend joked recently that I wrote a post about what you need to do work. Like, a chair would be good, and maybe a phone. All kidding aside, I loved it and have gone hunting.

What do we need to work well in our daily work lives as basic necessities?

  1. Money. We live in a world that you have to have money to do things. Until you go to burning man and start bartering, you’re going to need your job to pay you (hopefully at market value) to live your life.
  2. Space. As much as the open office space is the new in and cubicles are out, we all need space to do our work. It could be at your desk, or a secret conference room you take over. Giving yourself the space to get your work done when you need a heads-down moment can do wonders for productivity.
  3. Chair. I know! Really! A chair is good. Sitting all day is killing us, so it’s important to have a comfortable chair, good posture, and get out of that chair often. Sometimes on a conference call I’ll just take the call standing. It sure looks weird to my coworkers, but it makes me feel a little bit better.
  4. Breaks. Breaks are the best. If you can hop up, take a walk, or at least look at some super cute puppies, your whole day can improve.
  5. Natural Light & Greenery. You may not be able to make a whole in the wall and get a window next to your desk, but you certainly can take your lunch to be near a window, or, when you wake up in the morning, sit in the sun with your morning coffee. Vitamin D can be great, too. If you have enough light, consider getting a plant. There are plenty of low light plants out there, and they can actually boost productivity.
  6. Sleep. It’s so good, and we all need it to truly be productive. You may need to figure out the exact hours that work for you to be at your best. Consider keeping a sleep journal to see how much sleep makes you feel bright eyed and bushy tailed.
  7. Healthy snacks. Having snacks in the office can be great, but constantly going for the cheetos just may not have the lasting effect of good vibes you may need. Consider keeping some healthy snacks at your desk like nuts, dried fruit or honey sticks.

Those are just some quick tips about how you can work better with the bare necessities.


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