Get Your Mid-Year Review on in 7 Steps

Whoa! Today is June 30th, marking the mid-way point of this year (according to the fiscal calendar, of course!) When we started out this year I wrote a post about reflecting, and how January is an easy moment in time to say, oh hey, what did I do this year, and what do I want for next year?

Well, guess what, we’re half-way through so let’s get right back to what we were thinking about in January. Here’s a quick exercise to take on today while preparing mentally for July 4th red white and blue holiday-ing.

Step 1: Make a cup of tea, grab some snacks or some ice-cold lemon/cucumber water. FYI – lemon cucumber water is amazing.
Step 2: Maybe turn off your phone. If you keep notes and plans in your phone, toss it on airplane mode or do not disturb, we’re getting some me-time today.
Step 3: Grab a pen and paper and take a seat somewhere comfortable.
Step 4: Write down the following questions:

  1. What was I hoping to accomplish this year.  Where am I in that process?
  2. What has brought me joy this year so far?
  3. What would I have liked to change these past six months?
  4. What qualities, skills or goals would I like to work on for the next six months
  5. What is the best version of me would I like to create this year?
  6. Other questions you’d like to ponder on

Step 5: 10 minutes of meditation, get in your zone
Step 6: Set a 15 minute timer.
Step 7: Write, write, write, then write some more
After those 15 minutes are up, stop writing – pencils down class. You don’t have to reread your writing, or even think on it right now, what’s great is that you got it all down there on the page. If you’re feeling like this exercise was incredible, try doing it again next week, or next month. Any way you slice it, it’s a nice way to get some reflecting down – in less than 30 minutes! Unless you take forever to make tea.

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