7 Habits to Build in 2015

There are many tips out there for what successful people or happy people do each day to make their lives even better. Well, this is no different! So, with those habit-making and breaking ideas from back in January, here are some good habits to start prioritizing. So much list-making.

  1. Focus (on friends). When you’re in a conversation with a friend, try giving them your full attention. There’s nothing worse than talking to someone on the phone or during a dinner to realize that they’ve been checking their email or zoning out mid-conversation. One tip? Turn your phone to silent mode or simply put it away. If you’re having a call with a friend, go take a walk around the block or sit somewhere there you won’t be distracted by the television or computer. Sometime I take notes on the call I’m having to ensure I’m fully engaged in the conversation – even if it’s just with a friend.
  2. Focus (on work). While in a meeting or writing an email, try only doing that one item. Rather than shooting off emails while leading a conversation, stay completely present in the conversation. You’ll be shocked how much more is retained – and how much faster the meeting goes!
  3. Think Positive. It’s hard to be optimistic and positive most days, but let difficult days be difficult, while trying to find the silver lining. It isn’t easy, but by trying to find the upswing, you’ll devote more of your energy towards the good. When you’re feeling the need to whine about work, think about what you can control – either the way your react, or even the way you respond.
  4. Be Honorable. Don’t talk about coworkers or friends behind their back. If someone has upset you or made you angry in the workplace or outside of it, take the high road and confront them. It’s easier to bitch and moan about someone’s actions, but in order to really move forward, you need to talk to that person about what they did, why it upset you, and find a solution together. By going to the root of the problem – rather than a supervisor or mutual friend, you’re allowing the problem to be squashed out instead of escalated.
  5. Practice Patience. Nothing happens immediately – whether you’re learning a new software at work or attending your first trampoline workout class – there’s always a learning curve. Get cool with the journey, and realize learning means growing and being even more awesome.
  6. Fail. Failure is terrifying, exhilarating, incredible thing. Let yourself fail once or twice, take responsibility for your actions, and learn from it. Realize that waiting until you’re 100% ready for something means you’ll never do it. So? Take a risk. The worst that could happen is you’ll fail and have to reroute the course. And that can be a really fun thing.
  7. Take Care. Take care of yourself by eating well, working out, sleeping, connecting with friends and maybe meditating. Start focusing on adding in healthy components into your lifestyle and you’ll be amazed at how it can feel! Mind you, you’ll have to practice some of #5 to keep it going though!


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