Hobby-ing (The Benefits)

When we think of habits, sometimes we also think of hobbies. Any hobby that you love you can turn it into a habit with the right kind of time, effort and interest. Not every hobby has to become a habit, but, there’s plenty of information that explains hobbies can really benefit you – and not just those who have retired. Although, my landlords I’m pretty sure spend all day every day hobbying – just this week I saw them preparing to go supervise free kayaking!

So, here are some benefits of developing a hobby. And, at the end I list some hobbies you can consider if you’re saying to yourself “I don’t even know what I’d hobby in!”

  • Rest Having a hobby gives you a break from your daily life. It can help keep burnout at bay, and gives you some you-time. Just think, you can’t be answering email if you’re in the middle of that dance class, so, they’ll just have to wait, and you get 45 minutes of you-time!
  • Health – Hobby crafting can lead to lower blood pressure, a better immune system and lower stress. Who knew?!
  • Challenge – Some hobbies can be simply to deliver a break, but others may also deliver a fun self-created challenge that lets you build up some skills – ones that can help you at work, or skills that are just for fun! Either way it helps you get in that “flow” area!
  • Social – If your hobby is practiced in a group: a book club, yoga class or any type of congregating, it can be an incredible social outlet to make some new friends who have similar interests to you.

Some hobbies to consider:
Yoga, pilates, meditation, knitting, reading, gardening, dance class, graphic design, pottery, painting, bowling, soccer, swimming, coding, hiking, climbing, investing, book club, movie club, drawing, biking, cooking, baking, card games, board games, writing, crosswords, puzzles, walking, running, jogging, learning a new language, learning an instrument, or, like my landlords, kayaking! There are lots of hobbies out there to try – high and low impact. Enjoy hobbying!


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