Squeeze Out Some Extra Summer with these 4 Tips!

Summer is upon us and if you’re fortunate enough to have saved up some vacation days or have the coveted Summer Fridays that are all the rage (and reducing power usage) you may already be enjoying summer to the fullest. But for the rest of us, it can be hard to watch the sunshine from our cubicles while looking at a light-up screen of spreadsheets. So how do you get a little extra summer in your step? Read on for 4 tips.

  1. Get out there! So, you can’t leave your office at 1pm on a Friday for the day, but you can squeeze in an extra few minutes. Consider walking to or from work, and with those extra bright hours it’ll still be nice outside! And, less hot. If your commute isn’t favorable for a walk, try stepping out for lunch, or afternoon coffee. It’ll certainly be steamier, but stick to the shady streets and you’ll get to soak up some extra vitamin D.
  2. Taste summer! Add some lemon and strawberries to your water to get a sip of sunshine. Go with cold summer salads, filled with fresh vegetables. Think about joining a CSA or shopping at the farmers market to get the most delicious tasty treats. Stock your fridge with popsicles and fresh fruits. Switch to iced coffee or tea for your morning drink. Fire up the grill and host a massive barbeque. If you don’t have space for that, bring a smaller one to the park or sweet talk a friend into letting you help with set up (and clean up).
  3. Plan the fun! You may not have Friday afternoons, but you certainly have longer days after work and entire weekends to fill with fun summer activities. Try organizing drinks with friends at bars with outdoor seating. When you’re getting ready for the weekend, plan events that allow for the most summer sun. Either plan an all day beach trip, a picnic in the park or a quick kayaking trip. No matter how you do it, give yourself a plan in place to get out there and get sun! Just don’t forget the sunscreen and water!
  4. Change location! So, in the morning you like to drink your coffee and read the paper? Try doing that on your stoop, front porch or nearby park bench. Rather than reading a book indoors, take over a bench and half-read, half-people watch. The streets are full of people enjoying summer and can it be really fun to see people out and about. Also, you may get to pet some puppies! Do you enjoy watching television with your honey? Try grabbing a blanket and watch some stars shoot by.

I hope this helps you get excited for summer, and get a couple extra sunshine hours in your life. Summer may have long days, but it certainly can feel short so it’s great to squeeze a little extra out!

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