Get Your Happy On with these 7 Tips!

After all that burnout talk, we’re switching gears a bit to talk about happiness. Happiness can feel like an incredibly elusive goal and the journey to “get” more happiness in our lives can seem pretty absurd. It’s not even quite clear how you can “get” happiness. With science to the rescue though, there are some science-supported tips on how you can be happier. So read on, get happy, share happy!

  1. Practice (Body) Self-Care: Eat well, exercise, and get some sleep. By taking care of your body, you’re automatically setting yourself up for an rush of happy endorphins.
  2. Practice (Mind) Self-Care: Meditate, meditate and maybe practice some more meditation. All the science out there on wellbeing and happiness gives a quick nod to meditation.
  3. Be Grateful: Focusing on what makes you grateful each day, and telling people just how much they mean to you can give you a bright boost of good vibes. Try writing down at the end of the day what makes your grateful, or even what brought you joy today. Writing down and reminding yourself of joyful, grateful and positive things can massage your brain in a nice way.
  4. Spend Quality Time with Others: Making an effort to see friends, family and cultural events can make you happier. Get on out there and see a movie, play or have a cup of coffee with a friend. If you really want to supercharge it, the next time you want to buy yourself something, instead, try buying a gift for someone else or spending that money on an experience you can share with someone.
  5. Volunteer: Giving yourself up to a cause and focusing on helping others can make you feel happier. If you’re looking for ideas to get started on volunteering, check out:,, and
  6. Focus on Hope: By setting specific goals, thinking about the future and planning for it you can increase your happiness. Giving more energy to hopeful activities in the future can deliver an optimistic view. Maybe set some straightforward goals (how about working out regularly from step 1?!) or start planning a trip. Putting energy in the good things to come can reduce stress and get you pumped about what’s next.
  7. Get Outside: Boy oh boy the good that nature can do. Going for a quick walk, hike, camping, eating lunch outside, exploring a new neighborhood, anything outside will have a positive effect. Even a daily stroll around the block or deciding to take that cup of coffee to go sit on a park bench can do wonders.

And don’t forget: we all get happier as we age, so there’s simply more good stuff to come!

What works for you to get a fun happy boost?


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