Listen up! Active Listening: Become a Better Friend

A nice way to stay present and mindful in your day is to actively listen to someone who’s talking to you. Sounds simple right? But in fact, it’s really hard to truly listen to someone speaking. Most of us multi-task and think about other things, or even what we’d like to stay next without really listening to what someone’s saying. Make an effort today to really listen to whoever’s talking to you. If you feel yourself drifting off in thought, don’t get mad at yourself, just give yourself a nudge to come back to the conversation. You’d be shocked how nice it is to really listen. Plus, your friend will appreciate it!

  1. “holding space” and actively listening with a no judgement is the kindest thing you can do to help fortify your relationships. This is such a great reminder. Thanks for this.

    • workhappi said:

      Absolutely and thanks for reading! I recently read a great connected quote: “Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity” – Simone Weil, really hits home the importance of staying present with those you care about.

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