Four Ways to Go Back to School

Today, we’re welcoming September with its smell of apples, surprise NYC-heatwaves and lots of teachers and students heading back to school. September still has that feel of new beginnings even more than an icy December evening rocking sequins, tights and silly hats. With all of this school ramping back up, there’s no reason to hop on the continued education train! To help you get started, here are some ideas on how you can continue that education of yours!

  1. For the value-focused self-starter. Check out these free online education sources that are taught by real professors with lesson plans:
    Coursera, edX, Khan Academy, Books!
  2. For the self-guided self-starter. Check out these online resources that you can use when you have the time:
    Skillshare, Lynda, Codecademy (Free!), Udemy
  3. For the the career changer. If you’re looking to leverage this additional education to make a job-switch, consider a more detailed program that offers some accreditation and/or deeper knowledge:
    General Assembly, The Flatiron School, Coursehorse (they aggregate classes ranging from one-day workshops to full programs)
  4. For the one-timer. There are incredible lectures that you can get your hands-on to learn more about specific topics.
    TEDed, YouTube via NYTimes, Academic Earth, Lifehacker’s List

If you’re looking for more business-focused courses, check out the Business Insider article that pulled together some great courses in 2014. Another thing to consider is looking into the universities in your neighborhood to see if they have online courses, continuing education courses or even weekend seminars. These classes can be a great introduction to a new area of study and a university that you may want to consider applying to for a graduate degree in the future. If a graduate degree is something you’re into.

Any way you slice it there are opportunities out there to learn more about topics you’re interested in. Good luck on continuing to learn!

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