Map your Daydreams in 3 Steps

Sometimes a wonderful daydream can be truly enjoyable to give yourself up to. Who hasn’t enjoyed a cup of coffee while imagining thanking your parents for your Academy Award, or running into an old coworker and their eyes glitter green while you tell them you were just promoted to Director of Everything? It can be difficult mid-fantasy to also assess just how much work is involved to get to that celebratory moment. So here’s a fun perspective to take when you’re enjoying that fantasy world:

  • Write it down. While you’re enjoying this imaginary work goal, write it down. And don’t just write it down, get the specifics down there too. If we’re continuing the Academy Award train, start writing your actual thank you speech. Consider what the award would be for – was it for Best Screenplay? Best Director? Best Costume Design?
  • Break it down. After you’ve written down all of those details, start sussing out the specifics. Are you noticing a trend that all of your daydreams include spending more time creating, analyzing, starting some thing new? Look for these specifics and start thinking about how your current skills align.
  • Map it out. As you’re reviewing the trends, and thinking about your current skills and how they relate, note the skills you don’t have. Maybe check out job postings for similar roles, or find someone who holds a similar position on linked in and snoop on their background. It’s possible that a coursera class, online course or workshop could help bridge the gap. Or, you can even set up some informational meetings with folks that you really admire and learn more about their path.

It’s good to let your daydreams become reality by busting your butt and getting some extra work in to make your zone-out moments your everyday moments. By breaking down your daydreams into reality you’re giving your brain a little nudge into reality. Or, you may find yourself zoning out about accepting and Academy Award less often…

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