Crafting the Elevator Pitch (And Why You Need One Now)

Last week we wrote about making daydreams a reality, but this week, we’re going to talk about flipping it. When you’re having all those daydreams, it can be good to think about all the great work you already do. Try writing down or considering just how cool your career is right now. You may have hit a rough patch, but take a moment to think through the good stuff. Maybe you have an amazing boss who inspires you each day. Maybe you figured out a new report that is helping everyone out. Maybe you are taking on an internal project and really running with it. Whatever it is, give yourself a chance to make yourself shine for a moment. And don’t just stick to work goals. Also consider the friendships, relationships or extracurriculars that you take part in. Those can be weighted just as heavily as your newest title.

Work all those details out to craft a 30-second elevator pitch. It’s similar to how you introduce yourself at parties, first interviews or meeting someone for coffee. By crafting a carefully created elevator pitch not only are you giving folks a great way to get to know you but you can also prepare to focus the conversation. Are you looking for a new job? Rather than focusing on what you don’t like about what you’re doing, talk about all the cool things you’ve accomplished, and work in what you’re looking to get more of from the next opportunity. This allows people to make quick connections between you, work, and people you may want to talk to!

It’s exciting to let your daydreams become reality and transform your reality into a daydream. And, it’s important to take a step back and think about the kind of story you want your life to tell. If the role is most important, the friendships, or the projects let those take weight. When you want to share your successes, what are those successes that you want to share the most? Listen to that story of your life you want told. If it’s not quite matching up yet, there’s plenty of time to rewrite.

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