How Work Has Changed

Work is an interesting thing, and as we learn to navigate the workplace, it’s important to remember that it’s not the same workplace of past generations. Just take your morning commute. You download a podcast to your iPhone, hop on the train and listen along while skimming the newest success book on your kindle. When you arrive in the office you sit down at a computer, log-in to your account and start rattling off emails to your colleagues. I can already name five items in that description that thirty years ago didn’t exist.

So, it goes without saying that the work rules have changed. Imperative offered up 12 Key Lessons from the Latest Workplace Research and listed the new approach to work.  Some favorites? Be human, Giving back makes you successful and We learn by doing and taking risks. As we work for longer, more tools are available and work is constantly evolving. As people are expected to integrate their work and life and deadlines are “yesterday”, it’s all about learning the new way we work, while searching for what will continue to make us sane.

How has work changed for you in the past years?

Oh, and, your parents still have great advice on how to be an incredible worker – even if they didn’t have cat videos to distract them. So the next time you have a slack-related problem, still consider asking them what they would do.

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