Three Ways to Enjoy the Ride of Career Hurdles

Planning your career (or, your next job) can be a multi-step process that makes you feel like you wish you carried around a printed calendar, post-its and a pencil. But, sometimes we forget to forgo over planning in lieu of enjoying. Read on for three key lessons to remember when you’re feeling like a fiery manager of timelines.

  1. Remember that careers are lengthy. Think back to when you were a teenager and a bit of a brat. At the time you thought you were the bees knees and knew everything. Nowadays you probably giggle at the thought of your 14-year-old self being an insufferable know-it-all. What’s wonderful about that realization is that you’ve learned a lot since then. Apply that same thinking to your current career and it can be rewarding to realize that there will be a lot more to learn around every turn and there’s plenty of time to get even better. Sometimes that can be stressful to think about how much you simply don’t know, or, it can be invigorating to look forward to all that personal growth.
  2. Enjoy the process. Some days are harder than others and some goals more difficult to accomplish. It’s important to take your time and enjoy each step along the way. If you spend all your time focusing on finishing the marathon you’re less likely to enjoy training in the early mornings, eating weird granola bars and pushing yourself to the brink. Just think, if you only care about crossing the finish line you’ll miss waving to all your friends cheering on the sidelines.
  3. Focus internally. There’s a big world out there that’s distracting and full of noise. When you’re scrolling through Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin it’s hard to remember that social statuses aren’t the whole story. Rather than getting caught up trying to untangle just how they got where they are, refocus and think about what brings you joy. It’s important to let you define your own success by your own needs. And, by focusing on your personal needs you may discover that keeping up with the Joneses isn’t for you and you’re more of a pave your own way kind of gal.

Good luck and don’t forget to enjoy the ride!


  1. great advice, often times we learn more from the journey than the destination. i can totally relate!

    • workhappi said:

      the journey can be really fun, too – glad you agree!

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