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When we’re working, it’s normal that every once in awhile we’ll get, well, uninspired. It could be a sluggish project, a new process or a coworker moving on. It’s not easy to stay actively engaged with what we’re doing each day. One way to keep things fresh is to keep learning – in your field, or outside of your field. By continuing to learn not only can you hone in on skills that you want to bring to your daily work, you can learn skills to apply to a new job, or just learn something fun! Honestly, who doesn’t want to learn the fastest way to chop up vegetables.

Returning to our “Back to School” post, one company I mentioned, Coursehorse, launched a pretty cool new pilot program with folks like Viacom, Uber, Huge and OnDeck to excite and engage their employees and develop cultures that stress curiosity, exploration and personal empowerment. Coursehorse centralizes nearly every class, workshop and training in NYC, from General Assembly, Columbia Business School, New School and Pratt, to Murray’s Cheese and The New York Botanic Garden. And, they have classes in Chicago and LA, too.

A friend over there gave me some example classes, like, Presentation Skills with The Engaging Educator, Storytelling For Professionals with The Story Studio, Design Thinking Crashcourse with The Design Gym, Fast as Hell Excel with NYIM and even Coffee Basics with Stumptown Coffee. Sounds pretty good to me – although eating cheese and playing with clay has been the main way I’ve used Coursehorse in the past. So, I was really excited to hear how they’re trying to get education and active learning into the workforce.

Just wanted to share with y’all that are NYC-based a very cool program that Coursehorse is bringing into NYC-offices to engage employees on-site and then empower them to get some learning on off-site. Hopefully we can all get inspired to get some more learning on!

Mondays can be really hard. Something that can make Monday feel better is listening to some sweet jams and dancing around. Not only does it feel great, it turns out to be good for your brain, health and increases your smooth move repertoire. So go on, get down and shake your tail feather.


To motivate you this Monday, focus on what you’re putting in your body today. Instead of reaching for the cheetos that are all over your office, or hitting up the vending machine for some peanut M&Ms, try stepping out to grab a piece of fruit or some hummus to fill your belly. There’s all kinds of sayings about your body being a temple, and food as fuel, but honestly? You’ll just feel better having eaten well for the day. So, go forth and eat well!

Gratitude is a powerful way to reconnect with what’s important to you. Today, write down just a couple things you’re grateful for. It could be as simple as your commute wasn’t delayed, or as big as you really felt the support from your partner this morning when they made you a cup of coffee. Anything that comes to mind as something you feel pretty great (and grateful) about.

Mindfulness is hard to remember to do. Consider grabbing a token, either physical or visual to deliver a quick reminder to take a moment. It could be a picture of a loved one, a fabulous vacation photo or a small stone that you picked up during a nature walk. Keeping it at your desk or in your pocket gives you a gentle nudge to check in with yourself.

This morning, instead of using all your senses, take a seat and take a moment to close your eyes and focus on some other senses.

Try listening for new sounds, or taking in any new smells. Take a bite of your lunch and focus on the taste and texture of your food.

Mindful Monday is almost a thing now. I love it.

Write it Down – your head is filled with ideas. Thoughts, emotions and reactions. There’s lots of recommendations out there to write things down, and it can really add some perspective to your day. So take a shot, and write one page today. It can be in the morning, during your lunch break, or right before bed. Just write for one full page. If you can’t think of anything to write, just describe your day, or what you’re wearing. Really anything to get you started, or fill a gap when you can’t think of anything.

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