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Happy Monday! For this mindful Monday, we’re going to focus on tomorrow morning instead of today. Tomorrow, set a second alarm (just in case) and when you wake up, keep your eyes closed. Instead of reaching for that shiny light box of a phone you have acting as your alarm clock and checking instagram, hit “off”, and let it be a slow wake up. Take in the smells, the sounds, the feeling of your sheets. Wiggle your toes and fingers and try out some long stretches while happily under the covers. Take your time and relish in the morning hours before the busyness of your day begins.

Mondays can be really hard. Something that can make Monday feel better is listening to some sweet jams and dancing around. Not only does it feel great, it turns out to be good for your brain, health and increases your smooth move repertoire. So go on, get down and shake your tail feather.


Oh hello Monday, how are you today? If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your laundry list of things you should be doing, here’s a fun trick that can help you feel accomplished in the short-term while gearing up for that long-term visioning you’ve been up. Are you ready? Create a goal. Make it simple, and easy to attain. It could be as simple as “I’d like to cook dinner twice this week” or, “I’ll only watch two hours of television this week.” It can be anything, just make it something that 1) could have a positive impact on your week and 2) won’t put a big damper on everything else you have for the week. At the end of the week (or month, however you set it up), reward yourself with a gold star (or ice cream cone) to acknowledge a win!

That’s it! A simple goal that can be accomplished, well, it can feel really great to complete it. Even if it’s as straightforward as doing your laundry.

Pick a day this week to set down the phone, or maybe turn it to airplane mode. You may need your phone for work during the week, but find some time to set it aside. Consider keeping it in your bag during the day, and being mindful about when you take it out to review your messages. Rather than letting your phone’s constant beeping take you out of the moment, let it be a thoughtful choice to view your phone and step out of the conversation.

Mindful Monday is almost a thing now. I love it.

Write it Down – your head is filled with ideas. Thoughts, emotions and reactions. There’s lots of recommendations out there to write things down, and it can really add some perspective to your day. So take a shot, and write one page today. It can be in the morning, during your lunch break, or right before bed. Just write for one full page. If you can’t think of anything to write, just describe your day, or what you’re wearing. Really anything to get you started, or fill a gap when you can’t think of anything.

Hi friends! So I’m thinking along the lines of how to share some bite-sized nuggets of thoughts, too. It’s fantastic researching career-related topics, but for Mondays, we’ll be sticking to quick mindful tip ideas, so that you can start your week off right. So here’s the first one.

Silent Commute. That’s right, turn off your music, book on tape, close that kindle. Let the sounds of your commute be the opening song sequence to your day. You may not get a disney bird-chirping start, but you may discover the hum of the engine or squeal of train breaks is oddly pleasant.

10 Tips for a Happier Monday

Hi There! It’s Monday, and it certainly feels like Monday. Getting excited for the long weekend and a vacation-filled September can result in quite a “Case of the Mondays” (Thanks, Officespace.) In order to give us a little kick to a good week, here are some tips for an awesome Monday!

  1. Workout! – sure, an early Monday morning workout may be the last thing you want to do when that alarm goes off, but getting up early has some great benefits. Not only does it get your body moving, it also gives your brain some time to get ready for the week. Consider it an early morning check-in.
  2. Treat yoself – maybe it’s an iced coffee and a croissant (I did that today!) or it’s a long breakfast at home, either way, give yourself a little pick-me-up to say, “hey, Monday isn’t all bad.”
  3. Cancel the early morning meeting – sure, you want to get started bright and early. But by using the first hour of your day to get back into the email grind, you’re giving yourself quite the gift. Seriously, early Monday morning meetings are the worst.
  4. Take a break – yeah, I know, you just started the week, but, it’s kind of nice to get up and take a walk around the block throughout the day.
  5. Lunch – eat it. It’s good for you. Also, try eating it not at your desk!
  6. To-Do List – write yours up, give yourself some deadlines, and realize that you can’t take care of everything on a Monday.
  7. Make plans – having something to do after work (even if it’s cooking something delicious) can make the rest of the day (and week) feel pretty awesome.
  8. Catch up with coworkers – find out what everyone did this past weekend to connect with your coworkers and get some great ideas for next weekend.
  9. Check-in with your supervisor – make sure you’re starting the week on the right foot by ensuring you and your supervisor have the same plans for your workload this week.
  10. Review last week – your company may not work within agile methodologies with a retrospective after each two-week sprint, but you can. Take a hard look at the work you did last week, and think about what could be improved. By reviewing last week, and considering how you can improve, you’ll be setting yourself up for a better week than last week.

Good luck on your Monday!

Credits: Stretch designed by Claire Jones from the Noun Project, @iconmonstr 

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