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Waiting isn’t fun. While standing in that line for your salad at the nearby lunch spot, use it as a time to check in with yourself. Don’t pull out your phone to snapchat, instead, take this moment to listen to your surroundings, drink in the environment and watch your breath. Stay really present, and you may be surprised how quickly the line seems to move!

Pick a day this week to set down the phone, or maybe turn it to airplane mode. You may need your phone for work during the week, but find some time to set it aside. Consider keeping it in your bag during the day, and being mindful about when you take it out to review your messages. Rather than letting your phone’s constant beeping take you out of the moment, let it be a thoughtful choice to view your phone and step out of the conversation.

Dear Coworker, Please Stop Emailing Me

Hi All! I had a really wonderful brunch this past weekend and we got into the topic of when/how we prefer emails/chats/etc in the workplace. (And in dating, but that’s for a different type of blog 😉 ). It also fell in line with a Monster article that was published last week on how we should communicate on our various platforms. Let me start off to just explain. I hate email. I’m a senior project manager for graphic design and branding firm and the number of emails I receive a day simply lends itself to items being lost in the shuffle of life. I worked out a system for myself, and have worked diligently with my teams as well on some of what I outline below. This way, as a team, we’re all greatly reducing our email overload and our jobs are moving past an email-only world. Now we even understand the value of gasp, getting up and just talking to each other! I wanted to share some of the rules I follow in order to maintain sanity in my day-to-day life.

Email is Good for:

  • Bulleted lists of questions or needs
  • Meeting recaps with next steps
  • Task-oriented emails (with people called out in bold)
  • Project recaps, or “What You Missed Last Week”
  • Consensus emails, i.e. “The team agreed on x, y, z”

Email is Bad for:

  • Long-winded emails filled with questions/concerns and lack of action
  • Cc’ing people just so they are “aware”
  • Back-and-forth call and responses
  • Multiple subjects in one email, or, multiple email chains for one subject

Chat is Good for:

  • Quick questions
  • Follow-up on specific needs
  • Finding consensus on a topic
  • Chatting about fun stuff

Chat is Bad for:

  • Bulleted lists of questions or needs
  • Task-oriented notes
  • Project recaps
  • Multiple subjects
  • Long-winded comments/notes
  • Trash-talking (but you knew that, right?)

Phone/In-Person is Good for:

  • Professional or quick check-ins
  • Finding people who work in “flow”mode and rarely check email or chat systems
  • Consensus building
  • Off-color conversations, aka mild trash talking
  • Emergencies
  • Pleasant conversations and rapport building

Phone/In-Person is Bad for:

  • Multiple needs
  • Confusing requests
  • Items that require more than one person to weigh in

Curious how other people make their lives a little less-email-heavy, but this is what I do!


Credits: Headache designed by Ed Harrison from the Noun Project, @iconmonstr

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